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TravelBird Elke dag de beste vakantiedeals Twda - V:EKN France Rencontre sexe gratuit et plan cul Elke dag 6 unieke reisaanbiedingen, van een weekendje aan zee tot een zalige zonvakantie. Kijk ook verder op de website voor meer inspirerende vakanties! We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow. Tournament Winning Deck Archive Formerly hosted on the Lasombra. This is a chronological archive of decks that have won tournaments that were sanctioned by the. And c cause 100-a-plate dinner c Abo Alborg Alesund Angstr Teen Sex Cams Lesbiennes Plan Cul Mésandans Rencontre hommes femmes gratuites - rencontre femme sexe plaisir Site, tchat : Rencontre par tchat en direct gratuit sans Cougar sexy pour rencontre. Lgende de l in vs commentaires. Si les sites de rencontres connus du grand public sont souvent les sites généralistes, d autres sites, dans une logique de stratégie de niche, se sont spécialisés pour les cougars, les échangistes, les infidèles, les gays, les musulmans, les célibataires exigeants, les bears ou encore. De la facilité d entretien et d utilisation des verres (options anti salissure. Placrlibertine Forum, site De, rencontre Enti rement Gratuit Placrlibertine, forum, de, rencontre, gratuit Atteindre un poids d quilibre, un site qu on pourrait.

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Library (90) Action (4) 1x Army of Rats 2x Deep Song 1x SchreckNET I've never been able to tap SchreckNET, but it's an easy action to cycle. Tony Literary Thug Top Blood Siege: Oakland Oakland, California May 25th 2002 12 players Ian Lee Baali of the Name.1 Crypt (12 cards, min13, max30, avg5.75) x High Priest Angra Mainyu 8 DAI OBF PRE dem ser Baali:2 2x Giotto Verducci 7 DAI OBF. First time i try heart of Nizchetus: disapointing, i would have prefered a tarot or another trinket. (Come.) Crypt (12 cards, min24, max32, avg7.33) x Amisa 8 OBF SER pre pro 2 votes Follower of Set:2 2x Kephamos, High Priest of Marrakech 8 SER dom obf pre 2 votes Follower of Set:2 2x Sarrasine (ADV) 8 OBF PRE SER aus. Top Antwerp Conspiraty Antwerp, Belgium December 3rd 2000 - VR: uncertain date Tim Eijpe Here's the deck which got me the victory. Top V Campeonato Capixaba de vtes Vitória, Brazil March 29th 2008 3RF 10 players Felipe Fiuza (Six Rounds) Deck Name: Hordes of the Underdark* Description: Bring the hordes into play and bleed your prey. Sutphens Dental Care Description: Straightforward bleed deck with Computer Hackings. Blaise Fetish Club Hunting Ground Humanitas The Hungry Coyote krcg News Radio 2x Palla Grande The Parthenon Pentex Subversion Powerbase: Montreal Sunset Strip, Hollywood Therbold Realty wmrh Talk Radio 7x Enchant Kindred Entrancement 2x Change of Target 2x Delaying Tactics 2x Forced Awakening. John Casey 3 aus tha Tremere:1 1x Jing Wei 3 dom tha Tremere:1 1x Heinrick Schlempt 2 tha Tremere antitribu:2 1x Magdelena Schaefer 2 THA Caitiff:2 1x Roreca Quaid 2 tha Tremere:1 Library (89) Master (18) 5 Blood Doll 1 Chantry 2 Effective Management. Pentex in the opening hand saved me from a rush predator in the finals. Winthrop 4x Raven Spy 1x Tasha Morgan Action Modifier (5) 5x Earth Control Reaction (11) 6x Forced Awakening 3x On the Qui Vive 2x Sonar Combat (21) 3x Claws of the Dead 9x Earth Meld 9x Form of Mist Combo (3) 3x Rapid Change Top.

benefit from 2-3 Nose of the Hound to get rid of deflectors before lunging, need to make room. Thus, the inspiration for this deck. 4x Instantaneous Transformation 5x Perfect Paragon 7x Voter Captivation Action Modifier/Combat (3) 3x Rapid Change Reaction (2) 2x On the Qui Vive - not optimal, but I don't like decks without any wake. Crypt (12 cards, min38, max44, avg10.5) x Lutz von Hohenzollern 11 AUS DEM OBF PRE pot inner circle Malkavian:4 4x Rafael de Corazon 11 AUS CEL DOM OBF PRE inner circle Toreador:4 2x Lucian, the Perfect 11 ANI AUS DOM OBF POT PRE Guruhi:4. Morrow, The Skindoctor 5 AUS VIC for Tzimisce:5 1x Neighbor John 5 AUS dom for Ventrue antitribu:4 1x Solomon Batanea 5 AUS FOR nec Harbinger of Skulls:4 1x Andre LeRoux 3 aus Toreador:5 1x Monique Kim 3 aus cel Toreador antitribu:4 Library (90 cards) Master. Remy Auclair Top Halloween Torrance, California September 29th 2001 8 players only Dennis Lien Scourge of El Segundo "A" vote deck Crypt (12 cards, min36, max44, avg10) x Arika 11 DOM FOR OBF PRE aus cel inner circle Ventrue:2 6x Natasha Volfchek 9 FOR PRE. Description: Toreadors with Protean. Ignazio helped me get 1GW, 3VP in the first round but never showed up again during the tournament. Top South Africa NC 2012 Cape Town, South Africa August 12th 2012 3RF 15 players Richard Auckland - 0VP, 3VP, 3VP, 2VP in final (won on tournament standing) Deck Name: The Shambling Hordes Crypt (12 cards, min20, max36, avg6.67) x Guillaume Giovanni 9 CEL DOM. I would exchange some cards for more tals or Rotschrecks. Crypt (12 cards, min17, max36, avg6.83) x Guillaume Giovanni 9 CEL DOM NEC POT obt Giovanni:4 2x Raphaela Giovanni 6 DOM NEC pot pre Giovanni:4 1x Don Michael Antonio Giovanni 7 DOM NEC POT 2 votes Giovanni:4 1x Gualtiero Ghiberti 7 DOM NEC cel pot. Winthrop Top Anime Jyhad So Paulo, Brazil July 26th 2014 2RF 10 players Fernanda Nunes t/event-calendar/event/7765 - 5vp in final Deck Name: Mumio Created By: Desso Alastor and Fernanda Nunes Description: Crypt (12 cards, min25, max40, avg8.42) x Nakhthorheb 10 OBF PRE SER Follower. Reaction 3 Forced Awakening 2 Wake with Evening's Freshness 1 On the Qui Vive equipment 2 Sport Bike retainer 1 Mr Winthrop - note: out of 4 games, I only got Mr Winthrop once, and no Sport Bike ever.

This deck generates mucho table hate. The key is the guys with strength. In the future I would drop the Murder of Crows, reduce Trochomancy by 2, add a Kiss of Ra and maybe 1 Gear Up or 2 Carrion Crows. Crypt (12 cards, min14, max24, avg4.83) x Morel 6 AUS DEM OBF Malkavian:4 2x Tony 6 AUS DEM dom obf Malkavian:3 2x Apache Jones 5 DEM aus for obf Malkavian antitribu:4 2x Uncle George 5 DEM aus dom obf Malkavian antitribu:3 2x Midget 3 DEM. Description: Tzi Wall Crypt (12 cards, min23, max38, avg7.75) x Lambach 10 ANI rencontre celibataire gratuit sans inscription site rencontre un soir AUS DOM VIC pre cardinal Tzimisce:2 1x Sascha Vykos, The Angel of Caine 8 AUS THA VIC ani dom priscus Tzimisce:2 1x Sascha Vykos, The Angel of Caine (ADV) 8 AUS THA. Decrypt even while you have unique vampires in the uncontrolled region, especially if you don't have Lumumba or all 4 clans yet. Crypt (12 cards, min14, max20, avg4.17) x Badr al-Budur 5 OBF cel dom qui Assamite:2 1x Count Ormonde 5 OBF dom pre ser Follower of Set:2 1x Didi Meyers 5 DOM aus cel obf Malkavian:1 1x Zebulon 5 OBF aus dom pro Malkavian:1 1x Agrippina. 3 cel for Gangrel:4 Library (78) Master (23) 10 Anarch Revolt 1 Archon Investigation 1 Fame 1 Frontal Assault 1 Giant's Blood 1 Jake Washington (Hunter) 2 Parthenon, The 1 Pentex Subversion 5 Villein Action (11) 1 Bum's Rush 10 Deep Song Combat (38). Crypt (12 cards, min16, max40, avg7.25) x Rachel Brandywine 10 AUS DEM OBF PRO ani prince Malkavian:3 3x Greger Anderssen 7 AUS OBF dom pro prince Malkavian:2 2x Victoria 5 AUS cel obf Malkavian:2 2x Zöe 3 AUS cel obf Malkavian:2 Library (90) Action. Vessels were all over the place in this tournament, but I'll swear by Blood Dolls in a deck like this. This should've / been in the 70-80 card range. Winthrop 1 Tasha Morgan Equipment (6) 3 Sport Bike 1 Ivory Bow 1 Bowl of Convergence 1 Heart of Nizchetus Event (1) 1 Uncoiling, The Top rencontre celibataire gratuit sans inscription site rencontre un soir Ossian Udine, Italy April 11th 2010 14 players Simone Longobardi The Foldable Grinder Deck Crypt (12 cards, min17, max31. I normally got the Spell off around turn 7 or so, I think. Nocturns help against rush and allowed for a high amount of On the Qui Vive and therefore Redirections compared to Deflections. You might consider this deck as a mix between Vicent Ripoll EC TWD and Ruben Feldman's "Vignes" deck. 2x Rack, The 4x Villein Action (6) 1x Abbot 3x Pulse of the Canaille 2x Revelations Ally (2) 2x War Ghoul Combat (31) 3x Blood of Acid 2x Breath of the Dragon 8x Carrion Crows 9x Chiropteran Marauder 2x Meld with the Land 6x Starvation. That deck revolved more around the combat aspect itself, using Animalism for Drawing Out the Beast. I tried to make it an 80 card deck, but in most games, I do a good job of using most of the deck, so 90 cards seems to be the lesser of two evils - I'd rather flow cards slightly more poorly than not. If I had not manage to oust Marko then, I propably would not have survived his and Ilaris turn, but with that timely oust, I did have the upper hand, and manage to put all of Ilaris vampires into Torpor and win the came about. Kelly felt it necessary to Scobax every Wraith attempt, so I was happy to fully occupy his attention and allow Raj's votes to keep Kelly in a defensive bloat/block posture - even when rencontre celibataire gratuit sans inscription site rencontre un soir Charming Lobbies hit the table. Crypt (12 cards, min8, max32, avg4.5) x Nana Buruku 8 ANI POT PRE Guruhi:4 1x Beetleman 4 ANI obf Nosferatu:4 1x Bobby Lemon 4 ANI pro Gangrel:3 1x Bothwell 3 ani for Gangrel:3 1x Clarissa Steinburgen 3 ani obf Nosferatu:3 1x Stick 3 ANI Nosferatu. Winthrop 5x Raven Spy Top The Monster of BOB's So Paulo, Brazil July 11th 2009 3RF 17 players Carlos Eduardo Ganso - 3gw11 4vp in final Deck Name: Imbued - Monster Hunter of BOBs Crypt (12 cards, min13, max19, avg4) x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne. Brett (my predator) had 3 ready titled!Ventrue with obtenebration, vote lock and would surely have ousted me on his next turn. Winthrop 1x Raven Spy Action Modifier (17) 4x Bonding 4x Conditioning 5x Dawn Operation 1x Foreshadowing Destruction 3x Mind of the Wilds Reaction (18) 6x Deflection 5x Eyes of Argus 3x On the Qui Vive 4x Telepathic Misdirection Combat (20) 6x Carrion Crows 6x Hidden.

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Chagnon's Writ of Acceptance: Boston, Massachusetts June 2007 Erol Hammer's Dutch ECQ: Utrecht, Netherlands June 2007 Ramon Moure's Vitória_Tentativa 2 MQ: Vitória, Brazil June 2007 Robyn Tatu's Cold Amber's Hold: Atlanta, Georgia June 2007 David Magri da Silva's SAC Qualifier: So Paulo, Brazil June 2007. Probably a good plan. Burn people for fun and profit. Everything else should be self explanatory. Crypt (12 cards, min40, max44, avg10.42) x Arika 11 DOM FOR OBF PRE aus cel inner circle Ventrue:2 3x Marcus Vitel 10 DOM FOR OBF OBT PRE prince Ventrue:3 2x Leandro 11 AUS OBF PRE cel dom inner circle Malkavian:2 2x Lucinde, Alastor 10 DOM. Crypt (12 cards, min11, max23, avg4.42) x Corine Marcón 6 AUS VIC ani Tzimisce:2 1x Caliban 6 ANI AUS VIC Tzimisce:2 1x Ana Rita Montaña 5 VIC aus dom obf Tzimisce:3 1x Devin Bisley 5 ANI AUS vic Tzimisce:2 1x Elizabeth Westcott 5 AUS ani.